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MF Solutions provides support and consulting services to start-up companies and large companies from the development stage through production and logistics, product supply and customer support, streamlining and improving organizational processes. To provide a comprehensive response, MF Solutions has developed collaborations with other companies in the field of electronic and mechanical design, packaging design, standardization and regulation.

Services and Consulting areas

Design for Manufacturability /testability/value engineering (DFM, DFT), Company catalog and P/N’s, product trees & BOMs, drawings and production files, Configuration control  for documents and products, management of engineering changes (ECOs), component engineering,  Subcontractors review, selection, and audits, NPI, final tests for assemblies and products, environmental and regulatory tests

NPI And Engineering 


Logistics and Production 

Establishment of procurement infrastructures, material management, supply chain management, logistics solutions, accompanying subcontractors and suppliers, analysis and characterization of operational processes, optimization and improvement of methods, optimization of production processes to achieve profitability, characterization and implementation of operational information systems (ERP), establishment and management of warehouses, Import/Export processes, Local and aboard production and procurement.

Cross-organizational processes analysis, improvement and optimization of organizational processes, Project management, accompanying organizations and businesses in licensing, regulation, authorization, and certification processes.

Organizational and business processes

business papers

About Us

MF Solutions was established in 2014 by Yacov Monitz and Moti Fatal to support manufacturing companies during the development phase, transition from development to production, delivery to the customer, troubleshooting and repairs and compliance with standards worldwide. Yacov and Moti have decades of experience in development, operation, and senior management positions in High-Tech and Low-Tech companies.

Yacov holds a BSC degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and MBA degree from the Kibbutz Seminary College.


Yacov brings with him 30 years of experience in development, engineering, production, and operations positions in high-tech companies in a variety of fields: military products, wired and wireless communications, semiconductors, medical equipment, vehicle location products, cameras, and security products.

Yacov was also a member of the expert committee at the Israeli Standards Institute.


His professional experience includes development of electronic boards, integration of military systems, Engineering of wireless communication systems, installation of communication systems in Israel and abroad, Engineering and production management, Operations technical support management.

Yacov Monitz

Yacov Monitz


Moti holds a BSC degree in industrial engineering and management from the University of Hertfordshire and an MBA degree from Ramat Gan College.


Moti brings with him 20 years of experience in logistics, operation and process management roles in high-tech companies and industrial companies in a variety of fields: the metal industry, wired and wireless communications, semiconductor, digital signage, and consumer products for the electronics market, including manufacturing in China and the USA.


His professional experience includes managing logistics and operations in a wide variety of positions such as: establishing a logistics company, implementing ERP systems, establishing operational systems in start-up companies and global organizations, managing a branch in China including the production of consumer products that combine electronics, plastics, and metal for the global market.

Moti Fatal


Moti Fatal
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